Nawaal Benevolence Fund

Waltham Forest Only
Nawaal Benevolence Fund
70 Fountayne Road Hackney, N16 7DT (Correspondences Only)

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About Us

The Nawaal Fund is a registered local charity which aims to use zakat and sadaqah donated from locals to provide financial assistance to poor and needy individuals living in Hackney, Newham, Waltham Forrest and other nearby neighbouring boroughs of Inner London.

Our vision is to endeavour to provide for the essential and basic needs of locals by attempting to obtain donations from the local community, thereby creating a bond between local zakat/sadqah donors and our local needy.

We feel it is essential that whilst giving financial donations to aid international relief efforts and the poor around the world, locals also have a religious and communal responsibility to help vulnerable people who live literally outside our own doorsteps


Waltham Forest, Hackney & Newham

The Nawaal Fund collects zakah and sadaqah from LOCALS which is used to help LOCALS right here in Hackney, Newham and Waltham Forest

How We Help

Those eligible to receive zakat will receive financial assistance to pay for food, clothing, debts, utility bills, rent, shelter, travel, childcare and other essential expenses.

100% Donation Policy

100% of all donations will go to zakat/sadqah recipients. No deductions are made for administration or marketing.

The Charity’s administrative costs are covered by Gift Aid payments and donations made specifically to cover administration costs.

The Team

To ensure good effective governance, provide leadership and vision it is essential for a charity to have trustees who have particular qualities and specialised skills