NHS Whipps Cross Chaplaincy Services

Non-Urgent Requests

For non-urgent requests call or email the Chaplaincy Office and leave a message.


020 8535 6988

Urgent Requests

For Urgent requests for Chaplaincy, ask nurse/doctor on ward to Bleep the on-call Muslim Chaplain / Imam through switchboard. Additionally contact on the following number.

020 8539 5522

Chaplain Services
  • offer a listening ear
  • be present at times of distress and anxiety
  • provide scriptures / holy texts or religious materials
  • help in the spiritual search to understand a concern or illness
  • help contact your local faith community
  • reflect upon loss, grief and End of Life issues
  • offer support on ethical and religious questions
  • offer religious support through prayer, worship, ritual or sacraments
  • advise on funeral arrangements and associated matters
Here To Support You & Your Loved Ones

Due to current visitor restrictions within the hospital, we appreciate the emotional and mental toll of being distant from your loved ones can have.

The Barts NHS Chaplaincy Team can facilitate video calls to your loved ones in hospital, to give you that peace of mind.


If you know any patients in hospital, it can be arranged for them to be provided with a Qur'an cube for use whilst admitted in the hospital. This will Insha'Allah allow them to listen to the Beautiful & Powerful words of Allah ﷻ Almighty

Quran cubes, are a device that once charged can recite the Quran through a speaker. These are small devices, about the size of can of soft drink, that can be placed beside the patients bed.

The cubes contain readings of the Quran in 12 different languages from a variety of different readers. It is also possible to listen to Hadiths, Nasheeds, the Call to Prayer and the Names of Allah ﷻ

Request: bartshealth.chaplains1@nhs.net

Remember to provide patient details and a contact number.

DONATE FOR MORE SPEAKERS - https://quranforhospitals.co.uk/

COVID19 hospital admissions are currently very high across the UK, however, relatives are not able to enter with the sick patient in most NHS hospitals. See this guide for practical tips to consider should you loves ones require urgent medical attention.




The Chapel and the Muslim Prayer Room are part of the Retreat, situated on the first floor. It is available for patients, visitors and staff for prayer and reflection. 


Take the stairs up to the first floor which are near Junction 5. At the top of the stairs go through the door on the left.


The Chapel and Quiet Area are through the first door, and the Muslim Prayer Room is through the second door. Ablution facilities are available.


Jummah Times


  • Friday, 13:15 / 13:00 (winter)

We welcome any feedback and suggestions on how we can try and better serve the Muslim Community.


We welcome any volunteers who want to get involved too.


You may contact us at salaam@wfcom.org or via the Contact Us page.