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The Mosque’s network, both local and national, represents a huge investment of time, money and devotion. It signals clearly that Britain is where Muslims see their future.

The Mosque is a focal point for the Muslim community. After home and workplace it is the most frequented place for a Muslim. The Mosque primarily is a place of worship, but also serves as an education centre for all members of the family and has many other functions. This base of activities broadened further in the 1980’s, as British Muslims became more effective in dealing with local governance and gained in confidence and experience, to address wider issues raging from interfaith dialogue to political representation.

A Mosque is led by a person known as the Imam, who is respected accordingly for his wide knowledge of Islam and the Quran. Traditionally, the Imam plays the role of a leader, teacher, advisor, and a judge in minor disputes. In more recent times state schools, to make use of their services for religious guidance and school governance have consult Imams on a plethora of issues. It is likely that there will be some differences in perspective from Mosque to Mosque due to the fact that Islam allows a difference in opinion as long as it is not in conflict with the sacred texts.

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The council is made up of four at-large councilors that represent the entire City, and nine district councilors that represent specific areas of the City.