Call To Prayer (Adhaan)

Thank you for your continued support, especially during the Covid 19 Pandemic which has impacted on all of our lives, and yet, has brought our communities together. We are confident that we will remain resilient in the face of adversities together.

We have all found ourselves adjusting to our ‘new normal’, by adapting our lives accordingly to keep our communities and families safe. 

During the first lockdown period, WFCOM was given permission to perform the Adhaan (the call to prayer) and feedback was requested from our communities and neighbours. We were extremely heartened at the overwhelmingly positive feedback received as well as the recognition of the positive impact on community cohesion the call to prayer facilitated.

Your local mosque will restart this initiative from Thursday 5th November to remind people to pray at home. We will be making the Adhaan twice a day: once in the afternoon (around 12pm/1pm) and once in the evening (to finish before 7pm). Our goal is to provide the community with a connection to the mosque, and one another.

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