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In the UK, thousands of Muslims can and should be giving Zakat. At the same time, Muslims across the country are in need and being held back by their financial circumstances. NZF helps you bring Zakat to life where you live, by connecting your Zakat to these Muslims that need support. How? Through an online platform that lets you calculate, give and choose where your Zakat goes, and a national network that gives Zakat to those who need it. Together, we’re unlocking potential and creating a thriving, closer Muslim community across the UK, so we can all achieve our best, in this life and the next.


Putting your Zakat to work

Your Zakat can support three main streams and you can choose where it goes:

Hardship Relief

Help Muslims get through the worst situations by giving them urgent funds to cover essentials such as food and clothing.

Housing and Work

Help Muslims get back on their feet with affordable accommodation, legal support, and the work skills to find a job and take control of their own lives.


Help strengthen the community by investing in educating and developing Muslim scholars and community champions.

Since 2011, we’ve supported over 15,000 Muslims in need in the UK, and in 2019 alone, we supported over 6,200.