November 5, 2019CommunityMosque

Madrassah Support

The Mosques supplementary role as educational centres is now commonly referred to as the Maddrassah sector. An estimated 95% of Muslim children between the ages of 5-14 attend Maddrassahs. Classes usually run most evenings and some weekends, normally lasting two hours.

Maddrassah’s provide a structured and a graded curriculum; subjects covered include:

  • Rudimentary knowledge of Islam
  • How to read the Quran
  • Complex judicial points
  • Memorisation of the Quran
  • Ancillary issues
  • Language classes

WFCOM not only provides support to Mosques on tackling and engaging in community issues, but has now developed a forum which is looking and striving towards common issues and practices. A uniform approach is being discussed to make the Mosques and Maddrassah’s in Waltham Forest work more effectively and collectively together.

Some of the work that this forum is looking at is:

  • “Every Child Matters in Maddrassah” Staff and Committee members Guidance policies and procedures
  • “Every Child Matters in Maddrassah” Safeguarding training Maddrassah Poster project
  • An Ideal “Maddrassah Curriculum”
  • Standardised forms for Mosques and Maddrassah e.g –membership, enrolment, death and marriage etc
  • Collectively signing up to purchasing day to day services
  • CRB checks for all volunteers and committee and trustees involved in the Mosque or Maddrassah structure