The Organisation

WFCOM has since its inception worked to understand the collective needs of our congregations, communities and society as a whole. The forming of WFCOM itself serves as a means to achieve this goal. Here are some other examples of work/initiatives WFCOM has been involved in:

– Gaza Debate & March following Israel’s invasion and disproportionate use of force in 2008/9. We lobbied our MP’s and Parliament, organised a March and debate to raise awareness of Israeli State terrorism.

-Objecting to compulsory SRE (Sex and Relationship Education) in schools. Over 5000 signatures on our petition proved Muslim and many non-Muslim parents were not happy about this decision (from last Labour Government). We also held a couple of seminars to raise awareness around this issue, one for general public and the other we invited school governors and councillors from all faiths and parties to discuss and put forward the Muslim viewpoint on this issue.

– Organised hustings before the general election. This is where the parliamentary candidates for the main political parties are invited to attend a question and answer session by the public. By doing this WFCOM gave the public, and in particular its congregations, the opportunity to quiz their prospective MPs on issues that are most dear to them, and help decide who is most worthy to represent them and hence deserving of their vote.

-Olympic discussions ongoing. With the 2012 Olympics taking place during Ramadan there is a greater need to co-operate with the Olympic Authority on logistics to be able to cater for the potentially large number of Muslims travelling to our area.

– Regular meetings with WF CEO and Leader of the Council. This is to ensure we are as effective as we can be in representing you and that your voices are heard at the leadership level as well as other levels.

– Parking around Mosques for Jumu’ah and other special dates, like Eid. We are currently in negotiation with WF Council to gain some exemptions to ease the problems of parking for our respective congregations.

– Muslim Burial Trust. We have recently agreed to have regular meetings with MBT and hope this new engagement will bear fruit in terms of easing what is always a difficult time for friends and family of the deceased.

Please do get in involved so we can take your views and concerns on board and continue to help make a positive difference to our society InshaAllah Ta’ala.