Interfaith Work

Interfaith Dialogue among people of different religious communities is more needed today than ever before. We at the Waltham Forest Council of Mosques are a key part of the Waltham Forest interfaith council attending meetings with the other main faith communities in Waltham Forest – Christian Churches and Hindu Forum. Supporting programmes and events to celebrate not just religious festivals but the diversity of Waltham Forest that helps bring people together are some of the activities we are involved in.

The day to day work we provide looks at how best to ensure the wider community is engaged and involved. Some of the work we deliver on a regular basis and are involved in are as follows.

Mosque visits to schools, Local Authority staff, other organisations that request.
Part of the “Unity in Diversity” community cohesion project.
Designed and Developed the Virtual Interfaith Trail
Delivery of Training and programmes promoting interfaith and community cohesion.
Regular attendance to the Interfaith Council meetings.
Virtual Mosque Tour