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WFCOM statement denounces attempt to implement BRIT program

WFCOM have issued a statement to denounce the attempt by the Waltham Forest Council to bring in an anti-terror programme into schools on the back of a stabbing at Leytonstone station two weeks ago.

Whilst applauding the police and others for their bravery in dealing with the situation in Leytonstone, Waltham Forest Council brought a resolution to the full council meeting which included the following:

8. That, while there have been acknowledged issues in Waltham Forest, Prevent and the Council’s work in schools through programmes such as BRIT are intended to ensure that each resident feels safe, respected and part of a cohesive community. At their best, they do just that and should be supported.

It appears that the Waltham Forest Council will go to any lengths to implement their controversial PREVENT/BRIT programmes by somehow suggesting that by targetting effectively Muslim schoolchildren, incidents such as the one at Leytonstone station can be prevented.

Read the statement by WFCOM here




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